What is getting in the way of your goal? We spend thousands on education, weight loss programs, trainings, networks, software, advisors, coaches, counselors… Any or all of these are helpful steps in achieving your goals, but 99.9% of the time, it takes getting ourselves out of our own way. Me. Myself. I. I am the one that is getting in my own way. Ever tried the same process as someone else and they were successful and you weren’t?

This is a heavy hitter because we would like to think that we are our own best advocates. But this is not always the case. Do you ever wonder why there is so much talk about mindset and motivation in management and business? If we were robots and had the ability to simply follow a process and complete a goal, then it would be simple. But as humans, we are anything BUT simple. Every day we have to fight to put ourselves in the right mindset. To wake up with intention and go to bed with motivation.

In 2019 I attended Rise Business Conference put on by Rachel Hollis (author of Girl Wash Your Face and Girl Stop Apologizing) and her then-husband Dave Hollis. Completely dismantling my understanding of what was getting in my own way of goal accomplishment, Dave Hollis shared four things that you need to get rid of:

  1. The value you place on the way things have always been done. What brought you to where you are today may not be what takes you where you need to go in the future. The rotary phone was phenomenal technology in the late 1800s; it changed the face of communication. But if we decided that the rotary phone was the final answer in telecommunications, we wouldn’t have the smart phones we have today. Don’t be the person that’s still using a rotary phone in a world of smart phones.
  2. The voice of authority. Your spouse, partner, best friend, family member, society; they all can be seen as a support system. Dave Hollis said, “No one will ever care about your dreams as much as you do”. When we feel vulnerable or unsure, it’s instinct to want to ask those we are closest to for thoughts or direction. But if we rely too heavily on their perspective without depending on our gut, then they may be the ones getting in our way. Don’t use their opinions and advice to dissuade you from your goal, use it to work out potential bugs or problems that you will encounter.
  3. Someone else’s agenda. Don’t let your agenda be driven by someone else’s plan. Most of us have probably heard about limiting your email time. Email is an inbox of everyone else’s agenda. There are a number of tactics you can use to ensure you’re making your plans the main thing. But set boundaries and be protective of your time to progress your role, your plans, your agenda, and your goals.
  4. You.  Yep, last but absolutely not least is the fact that you are likely the one getting in your own way. Are you spending your time or investing your time? Two powerful questions that Dave proposed to the 6,200 people in the auditorium were: “What is the story you’re telling yourself as you build the business?” and “What character do you need to play to be in that story?” It’s natural to dream up and plan what the future of the business will look like, but what do YOU look like? What is your role? How are you managing? This vision of your future self should be implemented now.

What’s getting in your way? Take a few moments, right now. Yep right now. You can afford a few moments of time. Close your eyes. Ask yourself what is getting in your way; define it. Be honest with yourself.

Make February the new January; the month of goal setting and goal slaying.