Business of the Year (Employing Over 10 Individuals)
Small Business of the Year (Employing 10 or Less Individuals)

This award is for the accomplishments of a business as a whole and is not necessarily for an individual person.  This business or organization should have a reputation for providing outstanding products and/or service to its customers.  This business should be viewed as an outstanding local organization that is respected for its commitment, services and activities that promote a positive influence to the entire community.

Entrepreneur of the Year

This award is for that person who developd a business concept and turned it into a successful enterprise.  Other criteria to consider are the person’s professionalism, business sense and community involvement.  The definiation of an entrepreneur is someone who organizes, manages and assumed the risk of a business or enterprise.  Please consider all these variable.  Types of businesses that qualify for this award include but are not limited to:

Retail / Restaurant

Professional of the Year

This award is designed for the professional services industry.  Most of these professions require a special degree or certification.  The person selected for this award should be someone who has maintained high ethical standards in their chosed profession, has provided great customer service to clients and is recognized for their involvement in this community.  Types of business that qualify for this award include but are not limited to:

Accountant / Bookkeeper
Real Estate / Insurance Agent
Medical / Health / Dental Practitioner

Non-Profit Organziation

This award is for a local non-profit organization that has made major contributions to the community through their service programs and charitable work.  This organization has promoted a positive influence in the community through their fund-raising efforts and service related activities.

Citizen of the Year

This award is for someone who has continuously demonstrated a leadership role in one or several community organizations and has shown a commitment to serve the well-being of others.  This person does not have to own a business in Calaveras County.  The award is for the selfless acts of an individual committed to providing good-will within Calaveras County.  Individuals who qualify for this award include but are not limited to:

Service Club
Chamber Member
Charitable Organizations
Community Activist