The Calaveras Chamber of Commerce became a nonprofit corporation in October of 1948. Over the past 73 years our county has seen an incredible array of businesses–some still in existence, and many more created since. Though we may not live in the era of gold, copper, and silver mining anymore, we have a wealth of small businesses that bring just as much commerce to our county.

Did you know that Calaveras County has 50 businesses that have been members of the Chamber of Commerce for over 20 years? That is 50 businesses who have continuously supported our community, supported other local businesses, and supported the mission of the Chamber – by promoting business advocacy and sustainability.

I have a profound respect for the heritage of our rural county chamber. One of my favorite things about my role as the CEO is to hear the stories from people in our community:  people who served on the Board of Directors, people who attended past signature Chamber events, and of course, those members who have been with us for decades.

Whether it was Steve Airola of Airola & Airola, who brought by a couple of Chamber treasures (see the picture above of the game and directory) or whether it was a conversation about past events with Theresa Locke of Pinnacle Physical Therapy…these are what make the Calaveras Chamber of Commerce so important to our community.

Recognizing that we need to honor those who have been long-time supporters of the Chamber, we decided to give special recognition to these 50 businesses as Legacy Partners. They represent decades of economic development, community support, and healthy commerce in our county. Each of these Legacy Partners is responsible for the success our Chamber of Commerce has experienced. Their support keeps the lights on and the resources coming.

Over the next few months, we will be highlighting our Legacy Partners in a special way – showcasing their businesses and learning why they are such great supporters of our business community and the Chamber of Commerce. We have even added a new annual business award called the “Legacy Partner Award.”  In this newsletter we are featuring the first Legacy Partner and how her Calaveras business of 27 years continues to be successful and community oriented.

The Chamber is made up of its membership. It is a beautiful tapestry of all kinds of businesses, large and small. We are so grateful to each of you for your belief in the mission and support of the resources and work that is done.