The charm of living in a rural county is the large presence of so many small businesses. Small businesses reflect the culture of their community, and our small businesses are no different. Many have been devastated by the events of 2020, and the cry for shopping local has taken center stage.

A study done by Michigan State University in 2010, found that for every $100 spent with a locally owned business, $73 stays in that local economy. This is one of the reasons the Chamber started the Choose Calaveras campaign. As our county continues to grow, we want to make sure our residents take pause before automatically going to Amazon or heading out of the county to shop. We have a vast bounty of options available, from shopping to dining, and drinking to services.

If we were to do a poll right now, I would venture to say that a majority of Calaveras County residents would like to support local. The challenge becomes accessibility and offerings. Over the course of the next several months we will be highlighting some of the unique offerings within our county lines and show how easily you can do business with them. We’ll highlight shopping all the way from art supplies to Keto friendly foods. We’ll showcase services from massage therapy to tax returns.

We are proud of our county, we are proud of our local businesses, and we will continue to show why Calaveras is the best place to live, work, and play. Remember to support businesses who support our community and Choose Calaveras.