Nestled in the Angels Camp Professional Complex you will find Pinnacle Physical Therapy, a practice owned by Theresa Locke for over 27 years. The 2600 square foot building houses equipment that makes you feel as if you walked into a fitness studio, not a medical facility. Greeted by a friendly face and thorough COVID-19 safety instructions, you cannot help but feel like you walked into a small-town family practice.


Dr. Theresa Locke, PT, DPT brings extraordinary education and experience to Calaveras County; attending both UC Berkeley and USC. Theresa’s passion for bringing people to their “pinnacle” of health is clear from the moment you first speak with her.


But not everyone understands Physical Therapy and how seeing a doctor like Theresa can dramatically improve their lives. Dr. Locke clears up a common misconception that she frequently hears:  Needing pre-authorization from your primary care provider.


Though this used to be a common practice, most carriers no longer require you to obtain pre-authorization from your doctor. You are able to call and make an appointment with Pinnacle Physical Therapy without it.


So why would you consider going to a Physical Therapist? Dr. Locke clarifies that common symptoms which bring someone to therapy include pain, balance issues, fear of falling, vertigo, stiffness, weakness, or sports and work-related injuries, just to name a few.


Pinnacle Physical Therapy offers a number of services that you may benefit from:

  • Pain Relief – Many come to Physical Therapy to seek pain relief. Physical Therapists are experts in human movement and can work through manipulation and exercise therapy to relieve chronic or injury-based pain.
  • Post-Operative Care – Helping patients to regain mobility is crucial after surgery. Physical Therapy provides exercises and therapies that allow recovery from surgical procedures.
  • Fitness Classes – Whether you have limited mobility or are at peak fitness level, Pinnacle Physical Therapy provides Chair Fitness and Pilates classes at all levels with Marie Schar, PTA, CPI.
  • Post Covid Recovery – As the medical community still seeks to understand the lasting effects of COVID-19, Physical Therapy has been recognized as a way to help retrain pulmonary and multi-system dysfunction.
  • Pre-Employment Physicals – Many organizations choose to have new hires complete a pre-employment physical so the employer can understand limitations and ensure physical expectations can be met without injury to the employee. Pinnacle Physical Therapy offers this comprehensive examination to any business looking to add this to their hiring process.
  • Pelvic Health/Rehabilitation – Addressing issues not often talked about, but that many face: incontinence, prolapse, and pelvic pain. Dr. Locke is passionate about helping people gain control over their bodies and their pain in order to live healthier and more independent lives.

The Calaveras Chamber of Commerce feels especially proud of Pinnacle Physical Therapy, not only for the services they provide their patients; but also because Dr. Locke and her team are passionate about serving the Calaveras Community.  Like a select few, Pinnacle Physical Therapy is considered a Legacy Partner; they have been a member of the Calaveras Chamber of Commerce since 1997. That is over 24 years of support to the Calaveras business community.


When meeting with Theresa, I wanted her to help me understand why she was so supportive of the economic development in our county. Dr. Locke expressed the need to win together, that our county’s economic success will only be as strong as the collaboration that businesses have with one another. She referenced the quote, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” This statement embodies Dr. Locke’s belief in the Chamber and its’ ability to bring a sense of belonging and togetherness especially in a time of chaos and divisiveness that the last year has held.


Theresa is positive and hopeful that community members will gain a better understanding of how impactful physical therapy can be in improving health outcomes.  She says, “The evidence shows that the long-term outcome of more prescription medications and procedures does not always lead to better health status. Physical Therapists have the unique opportunity to advance health outcomes without detrimental side effects.”


A great way for you to find out if you can benefit from Physical Therapy? Give Pinnacle Physical Therapy a call at (209) 736-0956 and see for yourself how Dr. Locke and her team can get you to the pinnacle of health.